Stephanie Brennan worked for over twenty years with victim survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault; rough sleepers, homeless young people and families; and in the mental health sector as well as the Aboriginal community of Western Sydney. She has worked as a human rights campaigner for countries such as Timor Leste, Western Sahara and Myanmar and for various trade unions.

As a young student Stephanie commenced applied Fine Arts and literature degrees but did not complete these; moving instead into the area of social services because of a strong desire to work with vulnerable communities. She undertook vocational studies in the years following.

Stephanie has been writing literary fiction for many years, commencing her first novel at a residency at the acclaimed Varuna Writers House, where she won the HarperCollins Manuscript Development Award, for Lonely Dogs in My Dreams, which has just been completed. Her work explores the lives of those who are marginalised, and the need for compassion and awareness on both an individual and societal level. Her writing uses deep observation of landscape, as well as art and poetry to connect the reader more acutely to her characters; to invite us to experience the most difficult of emotions, such as extreme loneliness, grief and isolation and not to turn away.

She has a strong belief in the need for urgent environmental action, and was the initial regional coordinator and founder of the Global Tree Initiative in Australia. In 2022 an expedition to the High Arctic in an icebreaker with twenty scientists and naturalists to look at the effects of climate change made a huge impact on her and she is currently working towards a second novel to be set in the Arctic, Finland and Australia. Read blog posts HERE and HERE for more information on the Arctic expedition.

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